Comedy Stage Hypnotist Ray Ronson
Comedy Stage Hypnotist Ray Ronson

International Comedy Hypnotist Stage Show

Hire a hypnotist for a party - Enjoy hypnotist entertainment for a fun packed performance in which volunteers enjoy an experience of a lifetime just as much as the audience... and where everyone has a party! With Ray Ronson's

comedy hypnosis show.



Clevedon Golf Club:


"Ray has the whole audience at ease.  At no time did he embarrass the people who were hypnotised.  Throughout the whole show, Ray's performance was impeccable.  I know other members of the audience were keen to book Ray for other business events, and everyone still talks about what an excellent evening.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Ray for any any event, as he is both adaptable and a TRUE PROFESSIONAL.  In my position as Golf Professional and Golf Manager, I have had the pleasure of many entertainers and Ray Ronson is DEFIANTLY ONE FO THE BEST".

Hilarious Comedy Hypnosis!

Just picture the scene one moment people are slumped in their chairs appearing deeply asleep... and with a snap of the Ray's fingers their eyes immediately open they instantly jump up from their chairs believing they are the world’s greatest rock 'n' roll guitarist!

Next they believe they are aliens from the plant Zog on a fact finding mission to earth attempting to communicate with humans and only speaking their very own weird and wonderful language!

Superb Comedy Hypnotist Show!

In a split second with another the fingers they instantly become Jockeys in the Grand National... riding their chairs as horses and determined to win even if it means cheating!

Watch the hilarious reaction as participants believe they are members of a lottery syndicate... all winning millions of pounds each... only to discover one of them forgot to buy the ticket that week!

Side Splitting Comedy Hypnotist Show!

Also during Ray Ronson's Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show you will see:


  • Madonna/Michael Jackson/Spice Girls........ Live!
  • Shoes becoming mobile telephones
  • Japan's most popular comedian who laughs at his own jokes (told in Japanese!) ... accidentally booked to perform to an English only speaking audience!
  • An hilarious performance of the 'Nut Cracker Suite' performed by the Russian State Ballet Troupe!

And Much Much More!

"The entertainment provided by Mr Ronson was in our view FIRST CLASS and presented the Round Table with one of its most entertaining evenings for many years".  We as a Round Table would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Ronson and his form of Entertainment".

Rev. Lionel Fanthorpe, Presenter of Channel 4 and the Sci-Fi Channel's 'Fortean TV'

Ray Ronson is a First-Class Professional Stage Hypnotist, whose act is both entertaining and intriguing" 

Equity Member

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